Missy Elliott Appears On TRL

Christina Aguilera and were on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to promote MAC cosmetics. Missy talked about the 50 Cent Best New Artist moment at the Grammys, where he jumped on stage when Evanescence pulled off the upset. She also talked about her new album, and how she fuels her creativity by not watching TV or listen to the radio. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: [ Cheers and applause ] And speaking of beauty, you guys are spokespeople
for the mac cosmetics, the lipstick and the lip gloss.

Christina: Yes.

Missy: Yes.

TRL: So christina, I got to ask you, what is the campaign all about
and why get involved with it? [rapdirt.com]

>> I’ve got it right here. This is the fifth edition, i guess, of the
mac viva glam 5 series, this is. And it can be worn by anyone, ooh louisiana.
So it goes with anybody’s skin tone or whatever. But it’s — i can speak
for, i guess, the both of us when i say, it’s for such an amazing cause
and such an important one that’s close to our hearts, which is everybody
that supports and buys one of these lipsticks with the matching lip gloss
or vice versa, whichever one, it goes to the mac aids and H.I.V. Foundation.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Okay. And you guys, just to let you know, it’s not like some proceeds.
100% of the proceeds go to it. When do they come out and when can we all
buy them stores?

Missy: March.

Christina: March.

TRL: And I believe you can buy it in the store in march.

Christina: Never feel guilty about being beautiful because all the proceeds,
100% goes out for aids awareness. We’re going to stick around and get more
into you two. And since you all are such good friends, we’re going to have
you interview each other on those two black chairs over there.

TRL: Oh.

TRL: Right after this. Give it up for number 9, maroon 5 with “this

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: There goes your number fine video, maroon 5, “this love.” They
have been on the top 10 ever since they performed on the show last month.
We thought we’d do something special since we have missy and christina
here. We thought we’d let you guys interview each other. Missy, why don’t
you get it started. [rapdirt.com]

Missy: Okay, christina. If you can give one piece of advice to all the
boys you ever dated, what would it be?

[ Laughter ]

Christina: Where do I begin? No. I think — i think just honesty and
sincerity right off the bat is the most important thing, and that’s key.
And respect for your woman. You know? [ Cheers and applause ] Treat them
how you want to be treated. Okay. And back at you. What did you think of
50 cent walking up on stage at the grammys when evanescence won best new

Missy: That’s a hard question, because i love 50. And — i think, you
know, he — he felt like he deserved it, and he’s a great artist. [ Cheers
and applause ] So, you know, and — I want to say that they’re great artists,
too, so, but you know, sometimes you just got to go up there and grab yours.
So — i love 50. So that was a hard question. But I’m going to get you
back. Okay. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought.

Christina: Oh, that’s a — i don’t like those questions. [ Laughter
] Because I like to keep it kind of simple. I borrow lots of things for
special events. But — no. I guess my — it’s got to be the little diamond
things you do and diamond rings and things like that. I think. I think
that would be. I bought my mom a house. Bought myself a house. [ Cheers
and applause ] So things like that. All right. Who is the best person to
party with besides me, of course? [ Laughter ] No, who was the best person
to party with?

Missy: Ooh, god. Probably puffy. Puffy. [ Cheers and applause ] 
Now, do you hate being compared to pop stars like britney and jessica?

[ Audience boos ] These aren’t my questions.

Christina: Blame mtv. No. No, i just — i think, you know, there’s just
such — out of everybody that is a music listener themselves knows, you
know, knows not to compare anybody really. Everybody has their own shine
andintheir own way. [ Cheers and applause ] You know pop so I’ve read worse
so whatever. You know, i look at the pictures now. I don’t even read it
anymore. Because you can’t believe it anyways. So anyway, now, be honest.
And this is question from beloved mtv again. Do you ever really shop at
the gap?

Missy: I shop —

[ Laughter ] I’ve shopped in the gap. I mean, eye feel like — [ Laughter
] I got money. I can — you know, i shop in the gap. Gap got some nice
jeans like for real, for real. And honestly, i never really shopped in
there at first until I did the commercial. And then when i went in there,
i was like, okay, these jeans are look making me look real cute right now.

[ Laughter ] I need to be in the gap all the time.

TRL: Nicely done. Nicely done, ladies. We do like to throw the hard
balls in there once in a while. Missy, you’re going to head back and take
some phone calls. So you can call her up at 888-311. 4343. More to come
with christina and missy. Big show is just getting started. Stick around.
“Trl” returns after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Hey, what up? Welcome back to wednesday’s “trl.” You’re seeing
missy backstage in our phone booth taking some of your calls. It’s quddus
here. I’m standing next to our other guest of the day, miss christina aguilera.

Christina: Hi. It’s a little hard to hear. It’s been a while.

TRL: It has been a while. Too long really.

Christina: I haven’t seen you since the dirty performance.

TRL: Yeah, that was good.

Christina: I was literally sick, yes.

TRL: Yes. And last summer sum, you rocked it — last summer, you rocked
it with justin on the tour.

TRL: Did you guys ever watch each other’s sets?

Christina: It’s funny. We didn’t really get a chance to collaborate,
but we definitely have just so much respect for each other and each other’s
work and work ethic, which is, you know, he’s — and he’s just a true gentleman.
It’s nice to see how he’s grown up over the years.

TRL: So you would sneak a peek —

Christina: Yeah, he’s great.

TRL: What did you learn from him as a performer on stage?

Christina: Learn from him? You know what? I just think — that’s an
interesting thing to say.

TRL: Okay.

Christina: I just think his just energy and ability to just keep —
you know, just keep doing it, man. He just keeping moving. And there was
a period where he was really sick. But he got up on that stage and he worked
it, you know, even harder because he was feeling under the weather, which
is — i have so much respect for people that do that and really go out
there on a limb to do that for their fans and whatnot. [rapdirt.com]

TRL: You actually have a dvd coming out of your live show.

Christina: Yes.

TRL: What can we expect from that?

Christina: Well, if you came it see me on tour, if you didn’t this is
the perfect time to see it again or see it for the first time. So it’s
called “stripped live in the U.K.” That that’s coming out in — did they
tell you? Because i forgot.

TRL: April as a matter of fact.

Christina: In april. So please pick that up. So if i if you want to
see all sides of me in all realness, you know –.

[ Cheers and applause ] Media involved or all that stupid nonsense,
then this dvd is a lot of different things, personal, behind-the-scenes,
et cetera.

TRL: What tripped me out was that you actually co-wrote kelly clarkson’s
“miss independent.”

Christina: I did.

TRL: And you’re thinking about using it for “stripped.” How did it get
in her hands?

Christina: Well, it kind of is — was awkward because it was kind of
done kind of behind my back, if i can say. It wasn’t her thing, but you
know how this busy can be kind of crazy and kind of shady or whatever.

TRL: So she stole it from you is what you’re saying.

Christina: No, I’m not saying that. I actually had a chance to meet
her. I’m glad you brought that up. For the first time at the grammy after-party
for the B.M.G. Thing. And she was a lovely girl. I have to say that. You
know, she left before I got a chance to actually say that, because there
was a lot of people around or whatever. But if you’re watching, kelly,
you’re a sweetheart. And I’m glad — if the song was to go to anyone that
it got in your hands because you gave it justice and you sang. Okay?

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: That’s good luck for you. We’ve been speaking about music and the
music often it’s — there’s a distraction from from it sometimes with things
being misquoted.

Christina: Absolutely.

TRL: Things take things out of context. So i want to give you the opportunity
to clear up some of the things you’ve been quoted as saying. “Blender”

Christina: Infamiliarous “blender” thing thing .

TRL: As they wrote it “she seems like a lost little girl. In our world
there are different types of entertainers. Have you anker your artists
and you have your entertainers. I’m an artist and she’s a — well” is that
what you really think?

Christina: I’ve known britney for a long, long time. You know, i really
had the first time to really full-on interact with her or have a chance
to really see her at — she retaliated, might i add, in an issue of her
own, follow-up, but it was still the magazine pitting us — they so knew
what they were doing, just — because I’m an honest person. And they just
took my honesty and turned it around and made it seem like i was putting
a dig in there. You know — [rapdirt.com]

TRL: So you got love for britney?

Christina: I think she’s a great girl. You know —

[ Laughter ] No, i do.

TRL: Okay.

Christina: I do. You know, i do.

TRL: But it’s kind of a —

[ Laughter ] — A prehencive love, conditional love.

Christina: No, i don’t want you to get me wrong. No she’s a sweet girl.
This business can make anybody a little just — you know, in a — caught
in a whirm wind and caught up in the wrong things. So you know, just, you
know, get back to basics, britney.

TRL: You seem grounded, though, all all of it. If you guys want to holla
back to christina, head over to mtv.Com to ask your questions.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: There goes blink 182 at number 7, “I miss you.” You see missy wrapping
up her time on the phones. There you go. All right. So you guys have been
emailling us some questions for christina. Let’s check on them right now.
It’s called a holla back. Here’s josh from california.

Christina: We got in touch with each other, and he was actually a really
nice kid, you know. Really, really a sweetheart. Can i just say something
really quickly? [rapdirt.com]

TRL: Absolutely.

Christina: Going back really quickly. I know this isn’t on the cue card,
blah, blah, regarding the britney thing. I did write her a letter regarding
the “blender” article and it was very personal and it was about the fact
that being two female mail afrts in this industry we got to be there for
each other. And I said i didn’t stand behind the article and whatnot. But
i have yet to hear back from miss brit. So if you hear this, id I’d like
an answer. I’d like a response. We do have a history.

TRL: That’s really cool that you reached out like that.

[ Cheers and applause ] The people calling in to talk to you also want
you to go back there to the phones and talk to them. So if you can —

TRL: Absolutely.

TRL: — Go back to the phones. And missy, you can come on out after
that. And you guys call us up at 888-311-4343. We got the “trl” premiere
of the g-unipit and we’ll see if britney can beat out chingy in the race
for number 1. Stay right there, y’all.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Welcome back to “total request live.” Live from times square. Christina’s
in the back there taking some of y’all’s phone calls. And right now i am
here with missy elliott. It’s real loud in here, you guys. How you doing,

Missy: I’m chillin’.

TRL: Crazy, huh?

Missy: You’re all real wild up in here.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: I love you, too. No, I’m just kidding. Getting into the business.
This is not a test is your fifth album to go platinum.

[ Cheers and applause ] If you don’t have it, you got to buy it. Actually,
I love it, because you can put it in and listen to it the whole way through.
And it’s just hot. So I got to ask, what’s the secret? You drink pimp juice
or what do you do?

[ Laughter ]

Missy: Oh, god. Just staying — you know, i pretty much stay in an isolated
area when it comes time for my album. And unfortunately, i don’t watch
tv a lot.

TRL: Except for “trl.”

Missy: Yeah, yeah, of course, of course, “trl.” And i don’t listen to
the radio that much so i can stay creative. And you know, try not to follow
somebody else footsteps and just make my own kind of style.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Absolutely. You got to be unique because that’s all we have. Right?

Missy: Yes.

TRL: The video has been on our countdown. It’s hot because i love it.
My favorite part is the kids. Y’all, we got the kids doing their thing.
Now, where did you find these kids? How did you teach them to dance like
that at that young of an age?

Missy: I didn’t teach them. They came like that. Like allison, the little
girl that was in “work it,” she — actually, she’s if a movie, and she
has like a show on nickelodeon. She’s a superstar now. So I have to book
her this time around. But those are the kids come from L.A. And actually,
it’s a clown dance. They call it clown dancing, the dance where they dancing
real fast with the clown faces.

TRL: This? [rapdirt.com]

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] You did it, too.

Missy: Nobody, come on. I was trippin’. You know, I was not doing that.
I wish i could, but that’s a dance from L.A. And —

TRL: The clown dance.

Missy: Yes, the original rich clown dancing.

TRL: You’re bringing it to the east coast.

Missy: Yes.

TRL: In march you’re launching the virgin triple threat tour.

Missy: Whoa.

TRL: That’s you, beyonce, and alicia keys.

Missy: Yes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: That’s going to be hot. So maybe you can 0 give us a little tidbit
is there going to me a chance during the tour all three of you will hit
the stage together?

Missy: Everybody asking and I think that’s what we going to to have
to do. Everybody keep asking are we going to come on stage together.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: All right. So there you guys heard it on “trl.” They’re going to
have do it. More with missy after this. Back to your top 10. Going down
two spots from yesterday, it’s our girl, beyonce doing her thing with “me
myself and I.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Hey, that was beyonce at number 6, “me myself and I.” I’m back
here in the phone booth with christina. You’ve been taking some calls.
How’s it been so far?

Christina: Good. I love talking to people one on one. I’m liking this
operator gig. I might change professions.

TRL: You want to take one right now?

Christina: Yeah, let’s do. What do i press?

TRL: Three is hot right here. Hello?

Christina: Hello?

Fan: Hello?

Christina: Hi.

Fan: Hi, christina.

Christina: Hey.

Fan: How are you? This is eric.

Christina: Hi, eric. [rapdirt.com]

Fan: I just wanted to ask you, if you had to team tour with someone
else, who would it be and why?

Christina: Team tour. Well, justin was a sweetheart, as we mentioned
earlier. But, god, my ultimate like fantasy tour would be to bring lauryn
hill back and —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Fan: I love lauryn hill.

Christina: I would just love to do something with her in the future
one day. I had a chance to talk to her once before before i made my “stripped”
album and she was beautiful and she had the most loving and inspiring words.

Fan: Right.

Christina: She’s a really cool girl. So that would be my ultimate dream.

Fan: Can I tell you something?

Christina: Yes.

Fan: I think you’re amazing. I went to your concert at nassau coliseum.

Christina: Did you?

Fan: Yeah, and I was foolish. I was crying. It was ridiculous.

Christina: Oh.

TRL: You sound like a grown man, too. So that’s saying something.

Fan: You’re great.

Christina: Thanks a lot.

Fan: I love you.

TRL: Thanks for calling, eric.

Fan: Thanks.

TRL: All right, y’all. Welcome back to the one and only “total request
live.” We have had a great show so far, and it’s only getting better. We’re
getting closer to revealing your number 1 request for the day. I also want
to members, don’t forget the mac glam 5 lipstick. 100% of the proceeds
going — and the lip gloss makes me feel beautiful. I want to thank you
guys for coming by today. [rapdirt.com]

TRL Great having you.

[ Cheers and applause ] Don’t leave us hanging for two years before
your next appearance.

Christina: I know. I know.

Missy: And I got to say, y’all, the audience, y’all hype as ever.

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