Missy Elliott Explains ‘Under Construction’ Title

Alloy.com caught up with to ask her about her new album ‘Under Construction’, out today, and her weight loss. Asked about the significance of the new album’s title, she said, “First it’s under construction of myself; I’m a work in progress. Last year made me realize how important life is. Everybody lost a big amount — but I felt like I lost so much last year. Aaliyah, 9/11, Lisa [‘Left Eye’ Lopes]. In the blink of an eye, these people are not here. That’s it. After all that, I realized that all of the unimportant things that I’d paid attention to were the wrong things to even focus on. And 9/11 changed me. I didn’t know anybody in the World Trade Center, but I felt every family’s pain. I think for some people, it got to them right at that moment, and then they went back to normal. But it made me look at life a whole ‘nother way. For me, it carried on, like, in rebuilding myself and my views on life. Under construction is something that’s unfinished, so I’m working on myself and just rebuilding.”

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