Missy Elliott On TRL Monday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with Damien about her new album ‘Under Construction’ and the hit single and video ‘Work It’, plus her $1 million contest she’s doing at missymobile.com. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: We’ll get it that want to talk about your new single “work it”
did you ever imagine it would be such huge hit le now

Missy: Nah, we just knew it was different and once it played on the
radio it wouldike what’s she sayin’

would be this big so thank y’all very much


TRL: A beautiful thing and your videos are always off the hook. Every
time a missy song comes out we lookin’ to see the video you are known for
that. Who comes up with the ideas and concepts of most of them.

Missy: Uhm, i come up with the idea and I do the mold of it and I go
to dave or you know at the beginning when we set the mold for missy el
why the and dave is like the icein’ on the cake. He wanted the vs on my
face and —

TRL: I remember you were like

[Inaudible] Definitely. A hot, hot, hot video


TRL: Welcome back to trl. I still got missy elliott hangin’ out with
me, we workin’ it and havin’ a good time without a doubt. Missy it’s time
let’s get to the album. Let’s get to business tomorrow, the album is in
stores “under construction” what’s this title all about?

Missy: I’m just a work in progress I’m tryin’ to you know change myself
rebuild myself mentally, lyrically, physically uh, musically and just knowin’
that life is short and bein’ positive, you know, lovin’ my fans, lovin’
my family, being’ good. Bein’ good to the world.

TRL: No doubt. That’s what it’s about. Definitely. I know tim produced
the album, shut out i know he is watchin’ right now. I know you got a lot
of cameos on there. How do you choose who you want to work with on your

Missy: We do the track first and — hold up. I got some — this hair
from this hat. Okay. Just biscly doin’, uhm the track first and listenin’
to it to see who fits for what record.

TRL: Like after, like that sounds like beyonce would be okay hello beyonce.

Missy: Big shout out to her a and J.And ludacris and everybody on my
album T.L.C. I’m sorry.

TRL: You are lingin’ out a while and damien will bring out emma and
rupert after your no. 8 request, sum 41 “still waiting”


TRL: That was no. 8 sum 41 “still waiting” missy right ear with you.
It was 10 friday. Missy is still with us and damien out there doin’ his
thing. Wha’ssup.


TRL: No. 7 no doubt “underneath it all” it was 8 friday. Still here
with missy elliott we have sdeg a good time hangin’ out back stage and
everything we got some footage missy of you plchlin’ “work it” for the
stayin’ alive world aids day why was it important for you to be part of
that show.

Missy: First and foremost i preach that you know you don’t have to have
sex but if you do, you know, strap it up or you smack it up.

TRL: That’s a good one.

Missy: Strap it up before you smack it up okay. For the most part of
it you know as entertainers, we have a lot of followers that you know kids
that listen to us so it was important for me to be a part of it, you know,
to teach protection and, uhm, so i guess you know you do your stuff.

TRL: And, missy I’m hearin’ you givin’ fans a chance to win a million

Missy: Yes, yes.


TRL: A million dollars so what the deal with that contest.

Missy: Uhm, well you know of course you get the chance to win a million
and then i — the deal is i want a video but you got to log on to 88080
missy mogul.Com y’all want a million dollars don’t y’all


TRL: I want a million, too.

TRL: Me, too maybe we can split you if y’all win it.

TRL: Thank you so much for comin’ by, seriously


TRL: The album, in stores tomorrow “under construction” make sure you
get that and stay tuned we’ll take a quick break.

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