Missy’s Raunchy Song With Kids ‘Highlights’ AMAs

Chris Willman of Entertainment Weekly weighed in on the top 10 American Music Award highlights from Monday night’s show. At #1 was . He writes, “Missy Elliott has a huge hit, ‘Work It,’ that in more prudish times would’ve been classified as soft porn. Love it or hate it, the song is an unabashed celebration of sex, with its blatant lyrical references to oral sex, penis size, female genitalia, shaving pubic hair, sexual positions, and so forth. So how best to illustrate this raunchy number for millions of ABC viewers? Have some little girls come out and breakdance while Missy does her rap. On the very day that Pete Townshend was arrested, you’d think someone would have better sense than to associate prepubescents with the nasty.” Read more.

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