Moby Avoids Eminem Hotel Confrontation

Moby wrote on his website journal on Monday: “Oh, come on… On Wednesday I get beaten up in Boston. On Friday I get harrassed by some heavy metal fans. And then Saturday rolls around. A flight to L.A. through turbulent, typhoon-ish weather. Then I get to the relative safety and sanctuary of my hotel. And guess what (and I kid you not). is in my hotel shooting a music-video.
Fu**. What are the chances? So in the interest of personal security and whatnot I’ve moved hotels, just to be on the safe side. Cos then I find out that Eminem is having a party on the roof of said hotel after the video shoot is over. And I really don’t want to encounter 20 drunk Eminem friends/well-wishers at 2 in the morning as I’m heading out for a stroll around the neighborhood. Call me paranoid, call me a woosie, but I’d rather err on the side of non-confrontationalism. So now I’m at a nice hotel by the ocean and getting ready to fly back to NYC for a few months of cloistered music-making.”

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