Moby Reveals What He’d Say To Eminem

Moby talked with Chauncé Hayden of Steppin’ Out Magazine where he addressed ’s diss of him in ‘Without Me’. When asked if he ran into Slim what he would say, Moby responded, “I think I would ask him one simple question. I think he’s a very talented MC and a very interesting public figure, but I do have a problem with his misogynistic lyrics. I think I would ask him how would he feel if ten or fifteen years from now, when his daughter starts dating people, if she dates some guy who beats her up who was an Enimem fan. How would Enimem feel when maybe someone who was influenced by his music ends up abusing his own daughter. I don’t want to criticize him because I do think he’s an interesting public figure and I do think he’s talented. But I have problems with lyrics that glorify violence and misogyny.”

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