Moby Voices His Thoughts On Eminem Attacks

Moby again sounded off on the controversy he’s in with after he saw a headline in Rolling Stone that said ‘Eminem Kills Moby’. Moby said on his official website Tuesday, “Well, uh… I’m assuming that they meant this in the figurative sense, seeing as I still seem to be alive. I guess I should write something about Eminem and his ongoing attacks on me. Well, do you want my honest opinion? The truth is that I think that the whole thing is kind of funny. I’m still offended by the misogyny and homophobia in his lyrics, but I’m certainly not offended by his attacks against me.”

“I wish Eminem nothing but the best (even though I’ve never really met him), and I hope that at some point he can get over his anger and go on to have a happy and fulfilling life. and I also hope that at some point he comes to realize, especially as the parent of a young girl, that misogyny and homophobia are dangerous and unjustified. That’s it.”

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One thought on “Moby Voices His Thoughts On Eminem Attacks

  1. Velia Murakami says:

    I didn’t like Eminem’s songs for quite a long time but now it’s good to me again.

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