Moby Wears ‘I Heart Eminem’ Shirt On SNL

In retaliation to ’s ‘Without Me’, Saturday Night Live musical guest Moby wore a blue shirt with ‘I Heart Eminem’ typed across the front in a skit he was in along with the show’s host Winona Ryder and Chris Kattan as ‘Mango’. Moby of course had been attacked on Slim’s single as being “too old” and added “Nobody listens to techno”… though many question whether Moby even is a techno artist. Moby must have had a change of heart about the shirt as he earlier wrote in his online diary Saturday morning, “Sadly, I won’t be wearing the shirt. I have my reasons, which I hope you’ll understand. But I appreciate the gesture and the sentiment.
And maybe I’m too ethical (ha.), but I can’t in good conscience wear the shirt. Sorry.”

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