Mongo Maddness Interview

Contributed by AdamBernard:

It’s hard to miss Mongo Maddness walking down the street. The six foot four inch nearly 400 pound head of A Dollar & A Dream can seem imposing at first, but his effusive smile will quickly put anyone at ease. Mongo’s been making moves in the Bridgeport area for years now and after recently linking up with Groucho Sparks to create Deviouz Dollarz his artist roster has become gigantic, including the likes of Mic Profit, T-Wizzy, Uncut, Catch 22, Erika, Kenny Henny, Bones, Bricks, Focus and Sonny Seagrams. He’s got a third mix CD due out soon in the “Welcome To Connecticut” series, and a DVD due out later this year, as well. With all that in mind The Reality Box wanted to find out more about Mongo Maddness, what his overall goals are, and what really happened that has him upset with the local authorities and newspapers. has since removed the interview.

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