More On Fat Joe And 50 Cent VMA Squabble

Contributed Anonymously:

I am responding to the brief article on the entire and 50 “so-called” altercation at the MTV Awards. I, ME, MYSELF and I attended the show. And NOTHING of what was said happened at the show. Yes, we all heard Joe say” I feel so safe with all the police presence thanks to 50″. Yes we heard Yayo yelling fu** you Joe and fu** Terror Squad upon Joe’s exit. But 50 NEVER went on stage. There was never a confrontation. There was so much police presence in the audience (undercover) and backstage looked like the entire MiamiPD was on duty. The cops were literally lined up against every single wall backstage. MTV and the police dept. had their plan solid. They dotted all their “i’s” and crossed all their “t’s”. Joe did what he had to do and left soon after. By the time 50 did his set- Joe was at his house getting his grub on with the fellas. All the false stories is what helps excalate a stupid situation between 2 knuckleheads who need to grow up, into something so much bigger for no apparent reason. NOTHING happened everyone is fine. No bruises or scuffles. Damn some people have vivid imaginations, boy.

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