Mos Def Says Expect A New Black Jack Johnson Album

MTV News caught up with who says his follow-up to 1999’s ‘Black on Both Sides’ will drop soon. “I never left, man,” Mos declared. “I just stay quiet, but I be working all the time. I’ve been in the studio so much. I haven’t released anything. People know that I’m a musician. My basic concern with music is I do what I’m excited about and what I feel.” That album will be from his band Black Jack Johnson, “named it after the champion that nobody wanted.” Mos explains, “That’s how hip-hop is. We the champs that nobody wants. I call [the music’s feel] ‘ghetto rock.’ It’s no description I could give it because it’s new. It’s new to my ears. It don’t sound like nothing nobody’s doing or what I’ve heard anybody do.” Read more.

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One thought on “Mos Def Says Expect A New Black Jack Johnson Album

  1. Ruby Verga says:

    Jack Johnson is one of the greatest chill out, feel good music artist around!!

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