Mr. Lif’s ‘Emergency Rations’ Questions U.S. Policy Post 9.11

Ken Capobianco of the Boston Globe caught up with to talk about his controversial new album ‘Emergency Rations’, which critically addresses US policy after September 11. When asked if he realized people might consider his album unpatriotic, Lif said, “It depends on how you define patriotic, but if it’s the flag-waving state of mind we are in now, then absolutely it is. We live in a society that conditions us from our early education on to accept an established lifestyle to keep the flawed American machine, which has dehumanized us, going. Look at all the symptoms of social decay – the suicide rate, the alcohol and drug abuse rate, the amount of jails and asylums. How can anyone deny what the problems are? While people may wave a flag and say this is the country with the most freedom, the question is, what is the price to pay for those freedoms?”

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