Murray Declares His Independence After Def Jam Drops Him

, who signed with Def Jam last year after getting out of jail in 2000, was released from the label two months ago amid rumors that he’d choked two Def Jam employees, causing them to be hospitalized. “I’m not that dude,” Keith scoffed to MTV News when questioned about the alleged incident. “I don’t run around here doing this or doing that. If something occurs between me and you, there was something that made it happen. I’m not running around here, scaring ni**as and putting ni**as under pressure, that’s not even me. I want people that get a whiff of this interview to know this sh** you be hearing in the news is hearsay. I’m not that dude at all.” Murray insists that he was let go after having a verbal confrontation with one of the company’s male employees, not physical. Read more.

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