Musto Weighs In On The Good Side Of Gossip

It is the cover story, the Tuesday Science Section of The New York Times, researchers say that gossip can serve as life‘s informal handbook on how to behave, clarifies unwritten rules among groups, and makes newcomers to a group feel less isolated. Michael Musto, columnist for the ‘Village Voice’, was on ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ Tuesday to discuss the study. Asked about playing tapes from Mariah Carey on his Anger Management Tour, Musto said, “He‘s not as skanky as he could be. He could have played a tape of her throwing plates and having a public meltdown a few years ago. And while he does actually puked into a toilet bowl… did you read about this Keith? — while he singing his song. Weren‘t we all doing that when we watched ‘Glitter’? he‘s just appealing to a commonality in all of us.” Read the transcript in full here (page down to the bottom).

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