My Open Letter To Master P

Contributed by 513hotgirl:

It seems to me that you’re on a quest to become the next Nelly. The only question I have for you is why? Why are you copying other hip hop artist’s style to re-invent yourself? Why aren’t you proud of your own accomplishments and originality? I’m not writing this to bring you down, but lately I’ve been questioning your marketing decisions. Did you not know that Nelly was using the term ‘We All We Got’ for his Derrty Entertainment slogan? I’m sure they started saying it AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY at least 6 months prior to you printing it on t-shirts. Now you’ve not only decided to come out with a female line of jeans that look like cheap Applebottom imitations, but you’ve got the audacity to re-invent his original ad! This is all aside from the jacking of Ginuwine’s ‘In Those Jeans’ concept for your own jeans song and it’s uncanny resemblence to Usher’s hit single ‘Yeah’. What’s next? An appearance on MTV’s ‘I Want A Famous Face’? Or in your case, a different famous face? Bottom line, I used to be a huge No Limit fan and it’s pretty sad to see it come to this. There are more instances that come to mind in regards to you copying other artists and I wish you’d stop. I miss the old that blazed his own trail. The one that had people imitating HIM. The intelligent businessman that made me proud of the direction of hip hop. Where is that guy?


513hotgirl- An old fan

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