My Response To O’Reilly

Here’s what I had to say to Bill O’Reilly:

I find it odd Mr. O’Reilly that here you are blasting Pepsi for hiring and E! for airing Anna Nicole Smith when FOX had on porn star Jenna Jameson in three different FOX programs, all in the same week, YOUR interview with her on ‘The Pulse’ (which in a bid for ratings received plenty of commercial promos), Fox Magazine’s interview, and Judith Regan’s interview with Jenna, who incidently has a book deal with the porn star. Why aren’t you putting the heat on Regan? I think the pot is calling the kettle black here.

Since O’Reilly is gloating about having “95% of the e-mail on my side”, let’s see these numbers swing the other way. Agree or disagree, e-mail him at and spread the word.

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