Mystikal Being Sued By Cajun In Your Pocket Inventor

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune is profiling what is a rather confusing copyright case involving Cajun in Your Pocket inventor Steve Winn suing rapper for using phrases the pocket audio device uses in his hit song ‘Shake Ya Ass’. Winn is seeking $1.25 million while Mystikal’s lawyer, Roy Maughan Jr. says, “If he didn’t make it up, how does he claim the right to own or control the use of those words? Does this guy really expect us to believe that nobody in Louisiana has ever used the phrase ‘We’re gonna pass a good time yeah, cher’ before? Short phrases like this — clichés — are not protectable material under the copyright act. And to suggest that Mystikal’s song went multi-platinum because of these gizmos defies explanation. His gizmos didn’t drive the sales of these records.” He adds that Mystikal has never even heard of the device.

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