Mystikal Heats Up Spring Bling 2002

Contributed Anonymously:

is back again, being able to heat up the stage like he has always done. Spring Bling 2002 played on BET and featured the ferocious Crowned Black Prince of the South-Mystikal aka Michael Tyler. Mystikal heated up the stage with steaming fire performances of his title track ‘Tarantula’, and the still hot summer anthem ‘Shake it Fast’. As if women around him, either watching him live or drooling over him from their TV sets, weren’t already sweating after the excellent performances, the Black Elvis Presley-Mystikal-jumped back on stage for a guest appearance for the song with Ludacris – ‘Move’.

As always, looking as sexy as ever, Mystikal had on a red and black hot gear matching his dancers who he gave much props to during the show and on the song with Ludacris, he had on an unforgettably sexy gray sleeveless and buttonless shirt with matching gray pants. Mystikal rocked the show like he always does bring much energy and movement to the crowd. What else could one wish for in a performance but Mystikal!

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