Mystikal Seeks Artists For New Label

Mystikal wearing a headband

Contributed Anonymously:

recently launched his record label Big Truck Records and website and is seeking out hot new talent to sign to the label in a Talent Search and Demo Contest. The contest is open to artists, producers, ad writers and the top prize is a contract offer from Big Truck Records and $1,000 cash, plus a guest appearance on an upcoming Mystikal album release.

For more information and contest details, log on to Contest ends July 15, 2002, but demos will be accepted through the end of the year.

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16 thoughts on “Mystikal Seeks Artists For New Label

  1. EMMANUEL says:


  2. Xkal aka Dark Angel Of Da South says:

    Hey welcome home , I know you glad 2 be out that bitch shyd I been there done dat. I know how it is when you get out with family and all, but when you get back on ur grind don’t 4get you got unfinish business on that BIG TRUCK RECORDS CONTEST yea nigga I waited and still want 2 be apart of it. I’m alwayz been compared 2 you so let lets jump sum shyt off. lookin 4ward 2 being part of ur come back YES SIR. I need a blessin bro. thankx 4 ur tyme,. 214 853 2860 Xkal , Dallas Tx. , its muzik on page. o yea I’m a ARTIST , PRODUCER , WRITER , GRAPHIC DESIGN talent going 2 waist. holla when you get tyme glad ur home. min-it. o I’m tryin 2 catch up wit cha sorry if I pop up sumwhere else. much love Xkal

  3. Kamelott-Cameron Mcdowell says:

    First off I’d like to say glad a real gee home and I gotta lot of respect for you since hockey jerseys and single braids,but enough glad you back big hommie. I can say my music speaks for itself and I’m the originator of all my material, swagg life is how we do. Swagg through and let me know how fast you trying to get richer everything X-klusiv got hits on deck 80+ songs I wrote and I got a hommie family with Ron Pheemster big producer doing all my tracks we a self contained unit business oriented. Don’t mean to talk a lot but they say money talks. Respect!

  4. chris gilmore says:

    Carolina’s firecracker…i’m fired up,high as fu**, newest member of that label hollin Big Truck! Bitch what. I’m ready to give you a visual family of richuals now I’m fu**in wit Mystical!

  5. Rafeal aka QuataBoi says:

    God Bless you Mr.Tyler . You herd this millions of time but my self as a number 1 fan is a light statement you been an still remain the best rapper that’s been placed here on earth ,an I’m really not fond of many artist . I been waiting for you to have your own Label i could not see myself with any other label an I’m working hard to have your blessing to be apart of The Big Truck Family.

  6. Bam Gotti says:

    Peace and blessings.
    Bam Gotti hailing from uptown New Orleans. Calliope project home of the Tank is definitely interested in being apart of the Big Truck Movement. Brief Bio: Bam has worked with various artist and labels building a portfolio which includes local executive producer Hiram Brooks, Last Chance Records, L.O.G, Dirt Mark Productions and executive producer Mark Bringman just to name a few. After penning through a seven (7) year bid in which I bumped heads with Mr. Tyler.@ West Carroll. Is now ready for center stage. Finishing off final touches with “7-11” mix tape produced by LOG with assistance of Green House Records(Kilo of New Orleans). Unique savvy and metaphoric skill that proves Bam Gotti is ready for center stage. MC….! “they from 3rd ward I’m from 12th ward….

  7. FreeMoneySap says:

    I want to get on a label that’s southern based. I just want a chance to make the label and myself escrow, doing what I love… Go-Getta Sap

  8. Robert. Guidry says:

    I’m. A. Big. Fan. Love. Ur. Music. Lil. Brother. Keep. Dropping. Those. Louisiana. Hits. God. Bless. U. With. Ur. New. Label!!

  9. lilco da paper boi says:

    Lil hood know me I fuck with you also I was the dude who met you when you was at rave in Killeen mall in texas renico moore

  10. lilco da paper boi says:

    All im gonna say is ask lil hood about lil co da paper boi and I met you in rave in killen mall in Texas im ready plus I got 10 albums worth of hitz get at me asap

  11. Onaje Rachal says:

    Hey im trying to get in the rap game im 36 and I live in Saint Maurice , Louisiana

  12. Onaje Rachal says:

    I have been a fan of your since I don’t have a demo but I would like a chance to rap for your label

  13. Onaje Rachal says:

    I Really Eager to rap I would like to try if you give me a chance like you were given at Big Boy Records , Jive Records , No Limit Records , And Cash Money

  14. STANKDOG says:

    STANKDOG Augusta Georgia turn up

  15. KiddstaDaBoss says:

    All I got to say is, just hear me?

  16. Mr Mayham says:

    I have a song as we speak for u to get on u really inspired me to do music u really are my music idiol so it would be honored if I can get you on a track with me are sign me to you labor.please go to my music page Mr Mayham and check my performance in the club that’s two of my songs in off my mixtape

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