Mystikal Talks Desert Storm Army Days

New Orleans rapper Mystikal

Giselle Wasfie of SOHH talked with for his thoughts on the military and his own time in the Army. Mystikal said, “I can relate to those troops being away from home during the holidays, it’s rough. Out in Desert Storm, I saw people with their heads [shot] off. Even when I was in the Army, I was still an entertainer. I wanted to be the best rapper in the Army. It was something to do and it brought me joy, a whole lot.”

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One thought on “Mystikal Talks Desert Storm Army Days

  1. Fred Durst says:

    That’s all he had to say about DS!? This dipsh** has never seen a dead fly let alone a human corpse. “I saw some people with there heads shot off.” Who the fu** says something like that? This guy is straight BS.

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