Mystikal Used His Superpowers For Evil

Craig D. Lindsey of the Dallas Observer reviewed ’s new disc Tarantula calling it a further chronicle of Mystikal’s dwindling legitimacy. While praising his 1995 debut in ‘Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet’, he chronicled the downhill slop from there saying, “When he unleashed the big-booty anthem ‘Shake Ya Ass’ in 2000, an unnecessary new Mystikal rose from the ashes. Sure, he was still an MC who could blow folks away with his vocal style. But now, it isn’t about being the most lyrically dangerous MC on the mike. It’s about being the most bling-blinging, booty-collecting, collar-popping MC on the mike. As they say in the comic books, he’s using his super powers for evil, not for good.”

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