Mystikal’s ‘Tarantula’

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If you don’t already have the HOT album named ‘Tarantula’, then you have been deprived. I mean at least listen to it and you’ll find yourself buying it. That album is HOT TO DEATH with tracks that show all sides of the Black Prince Of The South-Mystikal.

For example ‘Bouncin Back’ which was his first single, showed Mystikal’s response to the 911 tragedy. That song shows how even a hardcore rapper like the ferocious rapper has a heart for his nation. Serving as a soldier in Desert Storm years ago even connect the artist more to the whole situation. There is also a track for his girlfriend called ‘Go Head’. I mean how many people can see Mystikal being all gentleman like to a woman-well that’s what the track is all about-he talks about their relationship together since day one and how they are husband and wife even though they have not literally been married. Not only is this a cute love story but the beat is TIGHT- it is impossible to stay still on this one, you just have to get up and dance to the hot rhythm by the Neptunes.

Okay y’all might start wondering if all that soft, emotional stuff is really Mystikal and the answer is YES though that’s not all of him. Mystikal comes back with another track that is just too HILARIOUS-it’s just comic relief for the well balanced album. The song ‘P**** Crook’ is a little shocking but you get to see Mystikal’s humorous side. He is just a man who has a little fun with his music here and there and be advised-you might find yourself saying ‘WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?’ but the beat is too BANGING and it is just a little humor.

One of the 14 tracks ‘Big Truck Driver’ celebrates all the big trucks the Man Right Chea’ has. This is a perfect song to listen too whenever you have the thrive to drive. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have as long as you feel good driving it-just relaxing and having a good time in your wheels. Another song ‘Smoke One’ involves the subject that Mystikal just seems to bring back in a lot of his albums. It’s just a short smoking song with absolutely no offense to anyone who doesn’t smoke. I don’t smoke and yet I still like the song. Mystikal just talks about how he feels after about 10 times of smoking-also another comic relief-just a light song over a Jamaican beat allowing you to escape to Mystikal’s haven.

This is an OPEN guy who is NOT AFRAID to talk about all his personalities and also not afraid of other people’s judgements. ‘Ooooh Yeah’ is definitely a club hit taking you to the days of ‘Shake it fast’ or ‘Danger’. This is just a perfect song to dance to however with your partner or yourself if you will, with its amazing beat taking you away to a club somewhere after a long, tired day. This song gets back your energy and makes you feel good all over again. There are also tracks with guest stars- ‘I Get it Started’ featuring crazy and funny artists Red Man and Methodman, ‘Settle the Score’ featuring another Louisiana native Juvenile, and ‘Tarantula’ the second hot single featuring Butch . All that’s not all, there are other tracks based on Mystikal’s return to the music industry, his recognition, and his drive to ALWAYS TRY HIS BEST and make it to the top. These other tracks include ‘If it Ain’t Live it Ain’t Me’, ‘The Return’, ‘Tha S***’ and ‘Alright’. If you know Mystikal well, you know that even though he might or might not have different qualities from you personally, he is a well rounded ordinary guy with a unique sound, voice, and style, WILLING to beat the ordinary.

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