Nappy Roots Caught Stealing Bag

The were on Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday, and made headlines for something other than singing. The show’s other guest, actress Sarah Silverman shockingly accused the group of stealing her bag, which became missing backstage from Carson’s remote show in Las Vegas.

When Nappy Roots came on at the end of the show to perform, Silverman spotted her bag with one of the group members, who meekly sad “sorry” before a furious Silverman eyed the group members looking ready to assault them. The actress stormed off the stage and a stunned Carson talked about how he stuck up for the group, only to find they had ripped off his other guest. One has to wonder if the Nappy Roots will ever be asked on a television show again after the incident.

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One thought on “Nappy Roots Caught Stealing Bag

  1. sean s says:

    Dude are you serious? Sarah Silverman, herself, has said that that whole bit was planned before the show, it was all a joke. Congratulations.

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