Nappy Roots Try To Stay True To Their Lifestyle

Jason Clancy of Get Real Detroit caught up with Skinny DeVille of the , and asked about whether the group chose to not fit in the more stereotypical styles of rap music. “We’re just staying true to our lifestyle. We’re not going out trying to be nobody else,” DeVille said. “We’re not trying to say things that other people might say for us to be considered rappers. …Most people aren’t killers or they’d be in jail. Most people are not millionaires because how they spending it? They’d be broke right now. It would be useless and pointless of us to say we’re going out shooting people and killing people everyday on our songs, and we’re spending uncontrolled amounts of money that we don’t have, so when you see us for real, you’d think we’re killers or we’re just millionaires and you try to rob us.”

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