Nas And Damian Marley Visit 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood

and Damian Marley joined Tim Westwood on 1Xtra to talk about Distant Relatives, Africa, Nicki Minaj, solo projects and new albums. “The album is a little bit of [African history],” Nas explained. “It’s not like preachy, talky talk. It’s just hip hop, reggae on an African vibe.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Nas And Damian Marley Visit 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood

  1. Stacey says:

    Love Nas and Damien Marley they def got their influences from Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. And Peter Tosh has a new album ‘Legalize It and Equal Rights’ will be in stores 6/21 it will feat. a second disc of never before released content and bonus material!!!!!

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