Nas & Lil’ Bow Wow Open Fairly Strong

Most acts were greatly helped by the week before Christmas buying rush so sales figures by and Lil’ may look impressive in volume, but must be taken into context. ‘Stillmatic’ sold 342,000 copies to debut at number eight, while ‘Doggy Bag’ sold 319,000 copies for a number 11 opening. Wu-Tang Clan’s latest, ‘Iron Flag’, opened at 32 with 153,000 copies sold, with Jay-Z’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ right behind at number 34. ‘Ruff Ryders’ Ryde or Die Vol. III: In the “R” We Trust’ opened at number 38 and finally, ‘The Source Presents: Vol. 5–Hip-Hop Hits’ hit number 70.

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