Nas Sounds Off On Origins Of Jay-Z Beef

Felon magazine spoke with about his lyrical beef with and what may have been it’s roots. Nas recalled, “It was about a year ago – at Steve Stout’s party. We were kickin’ it and he told me that he’s better than Biggie now. I looked at him like he was crazy.” Nas added, “Then, he really got crazy. He said that Tupac and DMX were not lyricists – they just had the hungry, starving street ni**as coppin’ their sh** – but me and him had all the money ni**as buying ours. I told him that I disagreed with him – that Tupac was the greatest ever – period, and that DMX really brought that street sh** back into the game. Then, this slithering snake goes and does that Summer Jam bullsh**.” has since shut down.

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