Nas Talks About Murder Inc. Affiliation caught up with who revealed what’s really going on with him and Murder Inc. He says, “Um, [Sighs] people were saying I was signed to Murder, Inc and so was Irv. He’s a businessman. He wanted to sign me. The only thing is, I never had met him so I reached out to him and he’s like, ‘Fu** it, I’ll fly to Miami. Where you at? We’ll chill with you and talk.’ So they came out there and we had a ball. They respected my move on the radio so much they said it in public and that was a trying time. Nobody had the balls to disrespect the number one rap station in the world and risk yourself not getting played. Everybody else is bootlicking Sambos who kiss ass and suck di** to be on Hot 97 all day. I was the total opposite. Them being real ni**as, they respected that sh**. Real ni**as are going to see eye to eye. So they were like, ‘We fu**s wit that ni**a. Hot shoulda let him do his thing.’ I said, ‘Where is everybody else at?’ It was so amazing that this guy was willing to ride all the way that we did a song together and we had plans to do it up big.”

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