Nas Talks With 1Xtra’s Semtex

Semtex of 1Xtra in London caught up with backstage at Rock The Bells, where the rapper talked about the controversy surrounding the original album title and if it distracted from the quality of the disc, working with Jay Electronica, Bill O’Reilly and the Fox News diss track ‘Sly Fox’, the concepts behind key tracks of the ‘Untitled’ album, and the rumor about that Primo album. “I just realized there’s so much ignorance about hip hop music,” Nas said. “Like I’m not a rapper no more, I look at myself as an artist. You call me a hip hop artist’s that’s cool, but they try to put the work rapper on you. Someone like myself I’ve been putting out so many records so many years, so many different styles, and just trying to inspire so many people I’m beyond just rapping. A rapper is someone on the street trying to be heard. That was me in my beginning stages. I think they just trying to downplay us, kick us to the side and act like we don’t have a voice and we’re not being heard. So I had to get at him. So whatever [O’Reilly] says about me, say my name right. Whatever.” Listen to the interview below.

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