Nas To Ether 50 Cent

Contributed Anonymously:

I was at the rock the bells show here in California with Ghostface, Rae, Redman, with others. Nas tore the ***** down at the end of the show he brought a slew of famous underground emcees, KRS-One, Talib Kweli, Supernatural some others….but during his set about halfway through people started chanting for ether. Nas told the crowd he doesn’t do that song anymore cause “he’s got love for everyone” but then said ***** it and did it anyways (the parts in the beginning he didn’t say ***** jay z he said nah don’t say his name to the crowd, then when he got to the 2nd verse where he starts to get into jay he cut the song.)

anyways the music stops and he says “you know I got another one of those coming out real soon, aimed at a certain person” then he just said the opening lines on MC burial “they said Jada defeated him, Joe too street for him, I guess all that’s left is for Nas to ether him…”

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