Natasha Bedingfield On Long-Distance Collaboration With Eve

Natasha Bedingfield spoke with Time Off magazine about her new album ‘N.B.’, and working with Eve on one of the tracks. “I wrote the song ‘[No More] What Ifs’ and it felt like it needed to have a rapper on there, and Mike Elizondo was producing it, and so I asked him if he thought we could get Eve on there,” she explained. “I think it was through him – or my people called her people, it was very mafia – that we got to see whether she was interested in doing it. I actually wasn’t in the studio when she rapped on it – we were in two different studios; she recorded her part and sent it to us.” Bedingfield added that the song isn’t like Gwen Stefani’s previous collaborations with Eve – ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ and ‘Rich Girl’. “It’s a different vibe from those songs,” she said. “When I heard Eve’s rap on it, it definitely gave me goosebumps because she really got the idea of what the song was about and translated that into a rap.”

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