Ne-Yo Blasts K-Fed

‘Popworld’ caught up with Ne-Yo for a Q&A and revealed he’d love to remove from the world of music. “In the US they were making a big deal about him making music,” he complained. “I was like why? What for? Does anyone really care?” Asked if he had heard any of K-Fed’s material, Ne-Yo responded, “I have and it’s very, very horrible, it’s really bad. And I’m the guy that gives people the benefit of the doubt but no, that stuff sucks, it sucks.” Ne-Yo even suggested Federline’s wife Britney Spears could do much better. “Yeah. The guy was a dancer, he hadn’t booked a gig in a really, really long time and then, out of the blue, he gets married to one of the richest pop stars, period, and he’s basically sitting pretty,” he said. “I don’t know him personally but I know people that do and I’ve heard that he’s not a very cool guy.”

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