Nelly Addresses ‘Air Force Ones’ Controversy

spoke with MuchMusic about the Nike “commercial” that is also known as ‘Air Force Ones’. “We just did the song,” explained Nelly. “You had Run DMC doing the Adidas thing and all that and it was like us paying homage to the shoe of our time.” As for whether it crosses the line between art and advertising, he says, “If I tell you it’s not then what, are you calling me a liar? I wouldn’t lie to you dog. I would love to have a multi-million dollar contract with a sneaker endorsement company but it wasn’t like that, the song was made way before. We didn’t even have any intent on the song being a single, it just blew up.” If it was an innocent track then, it did get Nike’s attention. The rapper is currently designing his own shoe for the company.

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