Nelly Addresses ‘Do-Rag And KRS-One Controversies

MTV News chatted with recently in an in-depth feature which included his take on a few controversies he’s been involved with. Nelly addressed the lyrical/press battle as well as the heat he got for not being more active in the boycott of Union Station Mall in St. Louis after he was kicked out for breaking its no- ‘do-rag policy. On the KRS-One subject, he fumed, “I wouldn’t have tried to answer, but [KRS is] a hypocrite. Flat out, no other way to fu**ing explain it. It baffles me. It’s like, ‘Damn, you call me commercial rap? You do commercials. You’re the Sprite man.’ Who you making money for, KRS? You’re making money for the same man whose kids buy my album. But I’m commercial? I’m the sellout? No, you’re making money for this man so his daughter can buy my album.” Read more, including video clips of the interview here.

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