Nelly Explains Why He Released ‘Hot In Herre’ First

Albert “Mac” McCluster III of recently chatted with on why he chose to release ‘Hot In Herre’ as the first single off ‘Nellyville’. Nelly explained, “We’ve all been to a party that was hot, but we just won’t leave because it’s rocking. You’re like ‘It’s hot in here but I’m jammin’, I’m having a good time, I’m sweatin’.’ But, it’s a flame-throwing, soul-burning, shirt-sticking-to-your-skin party. It’s THAT kind of joint cause no matter how hot it is in there you don’t wanna leave. And the hook on ‘Hot In Herre’ features Dani Stevenson. Girly adds to the heat you know. We all knew ‘Hot in Herre’ should be the first joint out the gate.”

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