Nelly Nabs Best Rap Video For Ride Wit Me

Sean P Diddy Combs presented with the Best Rap Video for Ride Wit Me at the Video Music Awards last night.

Full transcript of acceptance speech:

“Hey, yo, yo, you forgot your ball, man. Yo, jeff, where my dirty at. Jeff told me like this year if i kept my pants up that i might have a chance at winning. You know last year they fell down so this year I kept them up and you were right, Jeff. I owe you for sure. Yo, I want to thank Jeff, everybody at Universal. My man Damon, Jimmy Riggins, Michael Horton, my family, the ticks, you know, the coach Kevin Long no doubt. My man f real, Cool the Love. Wherever you at dirty, for sure. And yo everybody else that made this possible, mom, dad. God and each man up here for the show.”

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