Nelly Pens ‘Favorite Girl’ For O-Town reports O-Town’s new album ‘O2’, due November 12, includes a track written by rapper . “Everybody loves the name Nelly,” O-Town’s Jacob Underwood said. “They love his sound, and they love the vibe that he brings – the upbeat, just fun party vibe–and that’s what this song is.” For his part, Nelly explained his collaboration with the boy band saying, “It was a case where I had this song I wrote, and Clive (Davis) heard it and he really wanted it for his group, you know, he really wanted his group to perform it. And I was, like, ‘Cool, you know, I ain’t got no problems with it,’ you know, so they came down to St. Louis and they performed the song, recorded it, and stuff like that.”

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