Nelly Performs On TRL

checked in with Quddus on MTV’s Total Request on Thursday where he performed his chart topping hit ‘Hot In Herre’ and later ‘No. 1’. Nelly talked about the new album, what he’s been up to, and who he’s been working with lately, including *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. Nelly was asked if he had heard Eminem’s new album and he said no – not sounding too interested in Slim. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Welcome back to trl another beautiful day here in times square
watching your favorite videos his latest single scorchin’ up the charts
the biggest thing out of st. Louis since budweiser, nelly!


Nelly: Yeah, dude!


>> Yeah!

>> I’m chillin’, what’s happenin’? Over here?

Quddus: How you feelin’.

>> You rockin’? Uh-oh.

Quddus: How are you, man?

Nelly: They hollerin’ out there.



Nelly: Wha’ssup.

Quddus: Chillin’, man. Hi, man.

Nelly: You got it crackin’ out here, dirty.

Quddus: Everybody excited to have you, man.

Nelly: I appreciate it bro.

Quddus: You got Nellyville coming out tuesday.

Nelly: Yeah, yeah.

Quddus: Everybody talks about the sophomore slump you came out with
8 million strong. Are you worried about this release that it will live
up to that?

Nelly: Nah, i don’t know too much anybody that did it like that, you
know that came back to back you do what you can do dirty, you know I’m
just representin’ the lou.


Quddus: Is there somethin’ different with this album?

Nelly:  Yeah.

Quddus: Different style you got goin’ on in this album, anything —

Nelly:  No. No. No. It’s basically, uh, the same thing i been doin’
i got my folks, the rest of the

[Inaudible] You know Country Grammar was like the introduction of Nelly,
St. Louis and the St. Lunatics like the introduction phase now we do what
we do, that’s the feel is you know.

Quddus: You got a few cameos on it.

>> I got a few, i got J on there, Justin on the


Nelly: Justin on the joint like i say the of the st. Lunatics, as well
as well as kelly from destiny’s child, she on t joint there.

Quddus: Okay, okay.


Nelly Uhm, the [Inaudible] Remix on with freeway, bes like that. They
holdin’ ut down. I got artists my production company called king jacob
you know he’ll be comin’ out so check for him.

Quddus: Cool. We are about to see a performance from you, brother about
to set this blaes on fire


Nelly: Yeah, yeah.

Quddus: You have performed lounges and arenas and the Superbowl.

Nelly: Yeah yeah

Quddus: How does the venue determine how will rock the show.

Nelly: It don’T. You grab the stage and grab the mic and do your thing

Quddus:  Right, right back to your requests though, at 4 avril
lavigne “complicated” enjoy. We’ll get nelly’sformance aftethis.

Quddus: No. 4 video avril lavigne “complicated”. All right, people i
know you are psychd for this as I am. I’ve been waitin’ all i do for this
performance y’all came if a show, about to examine give it to you performin’
“hot in herre” for the very first time live your no. 4 request off “nellyville”
here is “hot in herre”.

>> First time on trl.

>> So hot in herre!

>> First time live.

>> First time.

——–Nelly Sings Hot In Herre—–

>> Yeah!


Quddus: Y’all did it. Definitely hot in here now, for real. Yes! Off
the “nellyville” album that was “hot in herre” we’ll be back with another
performance from nelly plus beauty and versus the beast we’ll find out
who’s at the top when trl returns.


Quddus: Welcome back to trl in new york city. The top 2 videos and another
song by my dirty daddy right here gonna rock the mic. We gonna talk about
we are about to get to eminem “without me” which will be your no. 2 video
of the day. His record is doin’ well out there sellin’ a lot and a lot.
Your album is droppin’ tuesday I’m sure will sell well, too.

Nelly: June 25th y’all. Don’t forget y’all.

Quddus: We talked back stage as an M.C. In this game to make records
and to be an M.C. Are two different things.

Nelly: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah tremendous. I think you got a lot of young
people probably the best lyricist actually probably ain’t even got a deal.
Just because you can spit a 16 you can make a hot song and that don’t mean
you can do a hot album so a lot of people kinda get that confused you know
once they get in the business because they think they got it all figured

Quddus: Have you had to change a lot as an artist from the beginning
to the way you.

Nelly: I don’t think nobody out there ends up rappin’ like they started
out. If you check a lot of M.C.S and their flows from start to notice you
— now you can see the gradual change. I go out and do what i do, dirty,
i can’t sweat nobody.

Quddus: Right. Right a man who has changed artistically have you heard
Eminem’s new album.

Nelly: Nah.

Quddus: For real? It’s dope and out here is the no. 2 video.

Nelly: Okay.

Quddus: “Without me” on trl


Quddus: Yeah. Eminem no. 2 “without me” Nelly, you gonna rock the stage
one more time what song you are doing.

Nelly: Yeah i ain’t goin’ nowhere uhm, no. 1, let’s do no. 1

Nelly performs No. 1 after Britney video

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