Nelly Says Dating Within The Profession Is Easier caught up with at in West Palm Beach, Florida earlier this month. The rapper was asked if he would ever marry a girl, worried she’d be after his money, or does he just date those in the industry or are wealthy. “That’s a weird question because deep down, you always want a regular girl,” he said. “There’s just something about regular girls that will catch your eye, period. Even if you’re a superstar, she could be working at a Footlocker or anything, if she looks good in the uniform, you’ll be like, ‘shorty’s cute.’ I just think that it makes things easier when you date in your profession because they understand everything you go through like the time restraints and everything. A regular girl probably wouldn’t understand as much. They would say that time doesn’t matter but you’ll realize that down the line it does. It could go either way, you just have to really work it out.”

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