Nelly’s Official Fan Community Launches

The official fan community for is about to launch. Log on and you’ll get a sneak preview of 22 hot interactive features, from live chat rooms to Nelly’s personal diary. And Nelly will be there every step of the way chatting online, e-mailing, giving up exclusive videos and photos you can’t see anywhere else, even making one-on-one phone calls to 2 lucky fans every month. All this and way more for $24.95 a year.

This is the only online fan community authorized by Nelly, and it’s where you can virtually hook up with his peeps from all over the world. If you check it out now, you can win big loot from Nelly and his crew: In the next few weeks, they’ll be giving away at least 1,000 different items to lucky community members, from autographed posters and CDs to the clothes right off of Nelly’s back! (Really – the actual clothes he wore for the official fan community photo shoot!)

Check out what Nelly has to say about his new official fan community:

“Aight Yo what up folks, this your Derrty Nelly I wanna invite all y’all to my new official fan community that’s right this is Nelly’s house, this is your derrtys house, NELLYVILLE, the house up on the hill whatever you wanna call that Pimp Juice – that’s where you at. aight- no mistakin’ don’t mistake all the other fake fan websites none of that, this is the official ya herrein it right here…aight what I am gonna give you now all right now is the sneak preview, you know… where we gonna give away some, you know, some hot stuff, you know… tons of give-aways ain’t no telling what we might give away B… anything… just, you just got to be a part of it to know what’s goin on aight, me and my derrtys COINSPINNER you know we launch the full site late July where we get access to 22 different features. Ya heard me that’s 22 different things that’s going on at one time so y’all make sure y’all check each one of them out slowly but fo-sho-ly aight -no doubt so. Just Log onto:, that’s aight-and you can see how we do this.. Derrty aight…no doubt, so y’all get ready… Let’s go to tha Ville Derrty”

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  1. edsumi says:

    Nelly if you read this I wanna you to know I love you

    I love you and I wanna have you

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