Nick Broomfield Doesn’t Buy Chuck Philips Tupac Story

Chart Attack spoke with Nick Broomfield about his latest documentary, ‘Biggie And Tupac’, which points the murder of and Biggie Smalls in the direction of Suge Knight. That conclusion differs completely from Los Angeles Times reporter Chuck Philips, but Broomfield doesn’t buy Philips account. “Well, he’s Suge Knight’s boy,” says Broomfield of Philips. “I didn’t get any real feeling from Chuck’s piece that he had really interviewed Orlando Anderson’s friends, his family or his lawyer, all of whom I interviewed. The impression I developed of Orlando Anderson was that he was not very bright and that he was set up as a patsy by Suge Knight. Mysterious payments were made to him and he had a very expensive car that he was driving around shortly after the [Shakur] murder. He was a patsy if anything, he was the Lee Harvey Oswald of the story. I think Chuck’s piece was a load of bollocks, quite frankly.”

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