Nicki Minaj Raps Support For Mitt Romney, Prompting Twitter Threats

Lil Wayne 'Dedication 4' Mixtape cover

and DJ Drama have joined forces on the ‘Dedication 4’ mixtape, the fourth installment of the mixtape series that is already creating political headlines thanks to some words dropped by on the track ‘Mercy’. “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches are fu**ing up the economy,” the Trinidad and Tobago born, Queens raised artist raps.

Among the Tweets reacting to the Minaj lyrics, and in some cases sending threats to the artist:

Meghan McCain (@McCainBlogette): I don’t know if I could actually be more entertained by political journalists attempting to analyze Nicki Minaj’s alleged Romney endorsement

Blonde Bombshell (@MoniiNayo): No this is the last straw @NICKIMINAJ has took it too far talking about she voting for Mitt Romney, she clearly don’t want her black fans no mo

Travon Free (@Travon): I guess Nicki Minaj endorsing Romney is because her terrible album sales are Obama’s fault.

Blerdalicious (@RtRDH): I really could care less who Nicki Minaj is voting for, I just want to know why her music makes people feel dumber


TEAMREDFOXX_JAX (@TEAMREDFOXX_JAX): Somebody should punch that bitch in her fu**in’ face the same way Lil’ Mo got it-only @nickiminaj REALLY deserves it! #tiredasshooker

#F**kMittRomney (@2012IsNotUrYear): If you really vote for Mitt Romney Ima punch you in the throat @NickiMinaj

bambam (@uwnabampam): been said she must die RT @TutiDaBoss: That still made my skin crawl hearing @nickiMinaj endorse Romney

Elektra Love (@MyHotTopics): @NickiMinaj 99.9% of your fans are broke poverty living hoes and you endorsing Mitt Romney doe? Bitch eat sh** and die! You are a disgrace to music, the black population and America as a whole. Do humanity a favor and die.

Baby (@chillriley): If Romney wins, I hope you die. @NickiMinaj

Other artists featured on the mixtape include Young Jeezy, Birdman, J. Cole and Jae Millz. Check out an album stream and track listing below the cut.

1. So Dedicated (ft. Birdman)
2. Same Dame Tune
4. Cashed Out
5. No Worries (ft. Detail)
6. Mercy (ft. Nicki Minaj)
7. Burn
8. Amen (ft. Boo)
9. Get Smoked (ft. Lil Mouse)
10. My Homies Still Remix (ft. Young Jeezy, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda)
11. Green Ranger (ft. J. Cole)
12. Don’t Like
13. No Life
14. Magic (feat. Flo)
15. Wish You Would
16. A Dedication

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One thought on “Nicki Minaj Raps Support For Mitt Romney, Prompting Twitter Threats

  1. Travis says:

    Most of you don’t know what OBAMA believes in or stands for. The only reason you voting is because he is black. Most of you lazy people are just scared your subsidized housing or welfare will be stopped.

    Get your lazy ass on line and fill out a job application and stop complaining. “You lazy b#tches are f**king up the economy”…nikki quote #Truth

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