Nicole Using a Q-Tip? Not What Friedman Hears

Roger Friedman of Fox News weighed in on gossip that has linked to Nicole Kidman. He writes, “I asked Kidman about Q-Tip a couple of days later, on Dec. 12, when we did a lunch time interview at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. She said she met Davis — whom she calls by his Islamic name, Kamaal Fareed — through a mutual friend, but not Leonardo DiCaprio. Rather, Kidman’s got a regular friend in New York who’s a stylist from the state of Georgia. That friend introduced her to Davis at a holiday party, which resulted in the whole group of friends going out to dinner.” He adds that Kidman said of the rapper, “He’s very a talented musician, isn’t he? But I don’t know much about that whole world, do you?” Read more.

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