No Honor In Doing Time For Beanie Sigel

Rolling Stone caught up with before he headed to jail on drug and firearms possession and asked the rapper that because of the jail, does he think of the idea of doing time is a badge of honor in gangsta culture. “No, that ain’t a badge of honor. Not for me,” he responded. “Only fools or people who got caught are in jail. Take that to heart. If you can learn what not to do from me, then I’m good with that. But I wouldn’t believe that because I’m going to jail, now I’m hard — that ain’t what’s up. You know who glorifies stuff like jail? Suckers. People who aren’t confident enough in themselves. People who are scared when they went to jail, they use the time as a badge. They’re saying, ‘I went to jail before.’ What they really mean to say is, ‘I went to jail and I survived.’ There ain’t nothing great about this at all. I’m pissed off I got to do this. I’m so upset.”

The full story at has since been removed/relocated.

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