No Joe Budden & Jay-Z Beef

MTV News did a Q&A with and asked him about the ‘S. Carter Collection’ mixtape where rhymed freestyle over the beat for his hit single ‘Pump It Up’ and his response freestyle. Even though Budden give props to Jay in his lyrics, some people where saying he was getting at Jay. “Some people say, ‘Hov was getting at Joe.’ I’m not that self-centered, though, to think that this man is getting at me,” he said. “Hov is one of my favorite artists, and that’s real talk. For me to come at him [was like,] ‘No way.’ It was all in fun. He took the beat — that was an honor to hear him rhyme over the beat — and he killed it. It was a challenge as well as fun for me [to come back]. The streets ate it up, though. ‘Joe and Hov is battling.’ I pick up a mixtape [and it’s] Joe Budden vs. Jay-Z. It’s all in fun. Me and him spoke about it afterwards too.” Read more, including video clips, here.

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