N.O.R.E. Not Happy After Being Betrayed By A ‘Friend’

NORE checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@nore) on Tuesday (August 28). He writes:

Damn! I know I haven’t holla yo, my fault. Things have been crazy ya undersmell me? So many things have changed/ have occured and MANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! STRESS IS BIG TIME!!!!!!!

A lot of y’all probably saying Nore don’t be stress, homie always happy. ITS TRUE, but how true can it be?…..

I took the kids 2 Disney World/Universal Studios, that was fun….

But now N.O. Let’s talk bout real life!!!! REAL LIFE is something that happens when business hours r dead!! I know my real life seems like a fantasy 2 most, cause no ever thinks anything is real besides record sells and promoting, whats what???!!!!! Me 2, I was once drawn by this image!!!!!!

But reality is extremely always stronger!!!!! And reality is no matter how many times or how many things u can do 2 help people out, it don’t mean sh**!!!!! People don’t think bout the things u do 2 help a person!!!!!! It don’t mean sh**!!!!!! I heard the phrase “watch ya friends and keep ya enemies closer”!!!!!!

But what if ya friend takes on the roll as a enemy??!!!!! AND the WORST PART IS THE PERSON STEALS FROM U!!!!! Now I’ve been lied 2 b4, after all I’m human, BUT I’ve never had anyone STEAL FROM ME!!!!!!Not in JAIL or on the STREETS nor in LEFRAK, wherever!!!! I can honestly say that!!!

A person deceives u and acts like a angel, BUT then n reality that person IS SATAN!!!! Its scary cause u let that person in!!!!! I realized there’s a thing about these college industry niggas: they swear they know more then the HOOD industry niggas!!!!!! They do a lot more fast talking and a lot faster LYING!!!

But when u catch a nigga wit his hands full of cookie doe and the cookie jar empty- **ALL the fast talking and LIES n the world can’t explain that!!!!!!!!

A dude I thought was a family member lied and cheated me and the record label. He dissed me and my lawyer AND lied 2 the Thugged Out family and MY FAMILY!!!!!!

Not only did he lie 2 us but he even lied on producers who I can say I feel like is family and artists who I feel like is family and falsely signed theirs and my name 2 a contract neither of us saw!!!! BANANAS!!!!!!!

I don’t care how much money I ever needed n life, I’ve never had the urge 2 steal anything and NEVER from my friends!!!! This nigga slept in my house, ate my food, swam in my pool, smoked my weed, crashed my car, drank my liquor, borrowed my jewelry, came 2 my wedding, and was even in my wedding!!!! When he was building his house and come up short, yezzir, SR. TRUST-A-LOT (me) was there. When he lost his job with Penalty and Sony, who was there? Captain Save-a-Nigga, yup, once again!!!! When his moms passed I made sure, as much as I hate 2 go to fu**ing funerals, I had 2 go and pay my respect’s….. REAL SPIT………

And the foul sh**, when I old certain people what happened, they said nigga “we been knew that prick was a thief”!!!!! LOL, but me I defended this dick!! Dame Dash flipped on this nigga so many times and I stood up for him, and yet, this same mother fu**er is a creep!!!!

Anyways look out for PART 2 when we REALIZE the rats name and exactly what happened!!!

Remember even when you jerk off at least it proves u love yourself!!


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