NORE Was ‘Crushed’ Over Nas Diss caught up with for a Q&A, asking about how he reacted when threw him under the bus on Power 105 a few years back saying his album was wack. “I was crushed, I hurt me,” N.O.R.E. admitted. “I knew he was mad and he apologized later on in life, but I don’t think I accepted that apology. I wanted that apology. But the crazy sh** is he’s on that album (‘Hit Me Slime’), the first voice you heard was him! What kind of idiot move was that? I felt like, ‘Damn, is this the level we at?’ I was at Def Jam at the time and I can’t say the persons name, but when he was supposed to come on at Hot 97 to show Jay-Z hanging, it was some Def Jam n***as pulling the plug on that. Me and Foxy Brown are on the radio saying we going to hold you down Nas, nobody going to pull the plug on you on one station and he throwing me under the bus on the other station. I felt terrible, because this is someone that could of came to me like a man and told me that. I know I how it is at the heat of the moment and you mad at people but you don’t throw your family under the bus. I was crushed.” Read more.

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