Obie Trice Connected With Eminem’s Flow Early On

Obie Trice

Billy Johnson Jr. of sat down with recently to talk about his debut album ‘Cheers’. Asked about how he managed to hook up with a white rapper like , Obie admitted, “I’m from the hood, and I ain’t never really seen no white people. That’s just the bottom line. So when I got there, I really didn’t know how to connect.” As for his impression of Slim, Obie explained, “I took his first album to the hood and he was just brilliant to me. And I thought, ‘I can really do this sh**. If he can do it, I can do it.’ The first time I heard the first album, it was the dopest thing that had happened in a long time. And I took it to my neighborhood and dudes were not trying to hear that sh**. I literally had to make my homeboys listen to that sh**. Listen to what he said. Listen to his wordplay. Listen to his delivery. Dude was like, ‘Get that white-boy sh** out of here.’ And then ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’–boom! That’s when people like, ‘Obie, be bring that sh** around here forever.’ That inspired me to keep it moving.”

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