Off On A Tangent With Method Man recently caught up with for a Q&A session, where the rapper was asked if it was fair for Def Jam to bill Joe Budden as the future of the label. “I don’t know why. I ain’t got nothing against the kid and sh** but I think he’s overrated son,” Meth responded. “For real, it’s just my opinion. As far as a person he’s aight and sh**. But I think he overrated dog. I think they put too much on him.” Asked what happened with his ‘Stung’ show with Redman on MTV, Meth said, “They didn’t give us money like that Ashton Kutcher. I got a lot of love for MTV but they call me for the little sh** they never call me for the big sh**. The show was small compared to ‘Punk’d’.”

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