Old-School Ties Return As Hip Hop Turns 30

Vanessa E. Jones of the Boston Globe profiled the hip hop industry as it approaches its 30th birthday, which has many coming down with a serious case of nostalgia for the genre’s early days. Included in that group is Ernie Paniccioli, a 55-year-old Native American photographer has been in the rap game since he began snapping shots of kids tagging New York subways in the 1970s. There are kids,” he says, “with maybe two pairs of pants (who) see (rappers with excessive wealth) and start hallucinating. ‘I’m going to go out there and hit the streets, man’. (Hip-hop artists) were really not drug dealers and thugs; they were just rappers who rapped about that, and unlike Mario Puzo or Stephen King, who are very clear that they’re telling you stories … the line (got) blurred a lot.” Read more.

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